What are SVAAPP Film Clips?

SVAAPP Films is a module where you work with film clips.

In this module you can:
  • Look at and listen to film clips
  • Answer listening comprehension questions at three different levels
  • Get help if you can’t answer a question by having the sequence which includes the right answer shown to you.

Who are SVAAPP Films for?

SVAAPP Films is a digital teaching material which consists of easy film clips with listening comprehension questions at three different levels. The film clips can be used for newly-arrived students, students of Swedish as a foreign language and for primary school pupils.

Easy Level

The Easy Level consists of listening comprehension questions that are easy. This level is suited for students who do not yet know much Swedish or for younger pupils in primary school.

Advanced Level

The Advanced Level contains listening comprehension questions which are tricky and where the student can practice understanding what is said between the lines. It requires a higher level of language competence and stimulates thinking in the abstract.

Intermediate Level

The Intermediate Level contains additional listening comprehension questions which are little more difficult. This level is suited for those students who have come a little further along with their language development or for somewhat older students.


All students see the same movie. Question difficulty can be picked for each student depending on their progress and level of comprehension.


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Comments from our subscribers

Vill bara tacka för en super-app! Vi har haft den som läsläxa i en vecka nu och den är väldigt tidsbesparande! Det är så skönt att hinna lyssna på varje elev och att kunna ge ALLA feedback i lugn och ro!
by Sofie Lundqvist

Sofie Lundqvist Ängsdals Skola

Kul att det satsas på digitala läromedel som fokuserar på läsförståelse!
by Johan Ottoson

Johan Ottoson Sweden

Vilket genomtänkt material! Jag ser fram emot att jobba med det här!
by Linnea Björkman

Linnea Björkman Sweden

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