• For newly-arrived foreign students as well as primary school pupils.
  • Short stories, video clips and word exercises.
  • Students and teachers can create their own material and share.
  • Teachers distribute materials and follow up on the results.
  • Subscribe for unlimited use of all materials.

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What is SVAAPP?

SVAAPP is a digital teaching system which focuses on the ability to read, as well as listening and word comprehension. By using the exercises in SVAAPP students are able to practice these abilities in many different ways.

SVAAPP is appropriate for:

  • Newly-arrived foreign students
  • Students of Swedish as a foreign language
  • Mother tongue students
  • Primary school pupils

SVAAPP Modules

SVAAPP presently consists of five modules:
Stories, Films, Word Exercises, students create own stories and teachers create and share own material.
The exercises in each module are controlled by the teacher, who distributes the relevant exercises to the various students.

Latest news

Nu jobbar vi för fullt med ord och olika ordgrupper i SVAAPP, enkla skolord, matord. Vi har även börjat med ordgrupper för SFI för olika yrkesgrupper så som kontor, äldrevård, lokalvård, snickare och mekaniker... Bara...
Nu har vi lagt ut två nya övningar i SVAAPP. Flashcards och diskussion. Det kommer en övning till innan skolstart, spela in ord. Vi kommer lägga upp flera ord inom kort... Övningen Diskussion kan användas till mycket...
Nu finns filmen om Luciatåget upplagd på SVAAPP. Den beskriver lite kort hur ett Luciatåg ser ut. Till filmen finns det 2 olika frågegrupper, enkla och svåra frågor. Eleverna kan som med alla övningar i SVAAPP svara m...


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This is how it works

SVAAPP desktop and mobile

1 Register your school

Register your school here on the SVAAPP homepage. The person registering automatically becomes the administrator for the school. We send you an email for obligatory verification of the email address. As soon as the email has been verified, we activate your SVAAPP account.

2 Create classes and students

The administrator now has full access to SVAAPP and can add other teachers as administrators, who will then be able to create their own class and student accounts. This is done either by computer or tablet. The teacher enters or imports a list of their students' email addresses and passwords.

3 Assign material

The teacher can now choose material from all of the modules and distribute them to individual students or classes.


4 Download the free mobile app

The students download the SVAAPP-app from Apple App Store or from Google Play to their smartphone or tablet and log in using their email addresses and password that the teacher has created earlier. The students' work is not bound to any specific smartphone or tablet, as the student can log in on any other unit and continue. After logging on to the SVAAPP-app, students see a list of all the material that the teacher has distributed to them.

SVAAPP mobile platform
SVAAPP teacher administration


5 Follow students’ progress

On his or her own computer or tablet the teacher can follow the students' development and listen to their recorded exercises.

6 Continue using SVAAPP

When you have tried out SVAAPP for four weeks and decide to continue with the subscription you only need to send us your billing information and approve the subscription in order to continue working with SVAAPP.

Board of Directors

Michael Bernpaintner

Michael Bernpaintner

Director and Co-owner

Teacher, author and founder of SVAAPP. Michael has extensive experience in the educational publishing world, including with digital projects and material directed at immigrants learning Swedish as a second language.
Mikael Andersson

Mikael Andersson

Director and Co-owner

Journalist. Mikael has worked as an expert on IT and adult learning at the Swedish Ministry of Education and as Head of Development at Swedish Agency for Flexible Learning.

Comments from our subscribers

Vill bara tacka för en super-app! Vi har haft den som läsläxa i en vecka nu och den är väldigt tidsbesparande! Det är så skönt att hinna lyssna på varje elev och att kunna ge ALLA feedback i lugn och ro!
by Sofie Lundqvist

Sofie Lundqvist Ängsdals Skola

Kul att det satsas på digitala läromedel som fokuserar på läsförståelse!
by Johan Ottoson

Johan Ottoson Sweden

Vilket genomtänkt material! Jag ser fram emot att jobba med det här!
by Linnea Björkman

Linnea Björkman Sweden

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Fill in the required information completely in order to insure quick processing of your registration. You will then receive an email with instructions for getting started. Try out all of the modules, functions and material for four weeks. If you would like to continue using SVAAPP, just send us an order along with your billing details. When we have received them we will send you an invoice.

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